How To Keep Loyal Customers Loyal Using Mobile Marketing

posted on 29 Nov 2012 23:50 by rifle5cherry
When you use mobile marketing, you are allowing your adds to reach a brand new audience and introduce them to your products/services. It is rare to find someone today who doesn't own a mobile device, whether it's a cell phone, smartphone, tablet computer, iPod or any other device with web connectivity.

You should test your website or ads through different browsers for mobile device usage. You will find that there are quite a few different formats that you need to adjust your content for. Different mobile devices can make your ads and website look totally different. At the very least, be sure to test them out on all the popular mobile devices.

mobilselskaber telenor Be sensitive to customers sleeping hours when sending out text notifications. Nobody likes to be bothered with advertising late at night or early in the morning, no matter how much they are into your product.

mobilabonnement A mobile application can be a great tool when you are thinking about mobile marketing. Some of the most popular apps provide useful tips and helpful information. You can use your app as a lead-generation tool for other products, or sell the app directly for profit.

Use mobile marketing to market your event a few hours before any major sale. A well-timed text message could be just the right spur to drive customers to check out your event.

Use every practical venue available to keep your customers informed about an upcoming event. If you are having a big sale, use direct mail to inform your customers well in advance. You can email your customers beforehand, then an hour before the event send them a reminder by text.

When contemplating using SMS messages to get the word out about your business, be sure to include an opt-in option. Be upfront about how many messages you will send out every month. Because SMS is inherently linked with the notification systems of mobile devices, it can become problematic if it is not used correctly. It can feel like it's invading peoples' privacy. So be sure customers can opt into our out of your SMS services when marketing and let them know how many texts will be sent regularly. If you are trying to get customers to trust you, just be honest!

Be concise and user-friendly. Keeping the number of clicks to a minimum will maximize your success by minimizing your process. The keypad on most mobile devices is very small, which makes extensive typing a chore. Because of this you will need to keep the clicks and typing down to a minimum.

Run a usability test before you go live with your campaign. Customers will be understandably upset if you send them broken or unreadable content. Limit your testing over specific devices and set up a testing account where you can ensure they are coming through correctly. You can have employees, family or friends be your testing group.

Tell people you will be announcing sales that they can only get if they are a part of your mobile marketing campaign. Advertise your deals on a host of different platforms to reach a wider audience. If consumers perceive your campaign as relevant and useful, they will be far more likely to go along with it. Promote it as an entertaining way to stay informed about your special offers.

A/B testing could be helpful with a mobile landing page. To get a feel on what works and what does not for your visitors, mobile environment testing should be considered as important as traditional web page testing. Design two versions of the same landing page, and see whether version A or version B is more popular. Choose the better performing option from the two of them.

There may be a variety of mobile marketing techniques, but they all share the same foundation. The differences between the different methods is mainly in the technology and application. To form a decision, you have to determine what techniques will provide the greatest results in a cost effective manner.




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